Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day

Did you know?

June 4th is "National Donut Day." Who knew there was a holiday completely dedicated to donuts? Not me, until I found out this morning on Facebook (the source of all very important information).

What I learned is that if you went to Dunkin Donuts, you would get a free donut with the purchase of a drink! So, well, you didn't have to invite me twice, I packed up the kids and out the door we went.

Sidenote: If you ever want kids to get dressed and ready REALLY FAST, tell them you're going out for donuts. Even Carter (whose favorite phrase is "YOU do it") was trying to put on his own shoes!

So one coconut iced coffee, one chocolate milk with 2 straws, a baggie of cheerios and 2 free donuts later, I had 4 very happy campers. :)

Carter polished his chocolate sprinkle donut off in about 1.5 minutes.

But he then enjoyed pointing out every kind of truck that went by on Nutt Road. His new favorite pastime.

Audrey took her time eating her donut.

Here she is sporting a chocolatey mustache.

Chloe happily ate her "mini-donuts" (aka Cheerios).

Poor girl doesn't even know what she's missing. :)

Happy Donut Day to you and yours!

1 comment:

melissa said...

excuse me, did you say COCONUT iced coffee?

i must go to dunkin donuts now! bye!