Saturday, June 5, 2010

Water Fun

Boy, am I on a blogging ROLL this week. Maybe the extra sleep is coming in handy after all!

The past few weeks have been unseasonably warm around here. 90's (AND humid, lucky us) for weeks on end. So we cope the best we can ... which means I crank up the A/C and stay inside (I know, I'm a total wimp). But since the kids insist on going outside ... well, that means playing in the water.

So ... we've set up the slip-n-slide.

We set up the slip-n-slide again a couple days after these photos were taken and ended up with about 10 kids in the backyard! Unfortunately, Audrey's friend Emma had a bad slip on the slip-n-slide and broke her wrist ... so now I'm a little afraid of setting it up again!

Then a few days ago I found these awesome water shooters (? I'm not sure what to call them...) at the dollar store. So I brought some home, filled a bucket with water, and let the kids go to town. Soon fights were breaking out over who got the water shooters but everyone quickly learned to take turns. Woo hoo! Go neighborhood kids!

First they "washed" Chad's car. And sprayed the neighbor's house. Then they watered the flowers. And each other.

Then ... and honest, scout's honor, this was not my idea ... Audrey decided to make a foot bath. I let her go in and get some body wash and wowie bozowie, next thing I knew I was getting my feet soaked and washed!!

The kids thought this was great fun! They all took turns soaking their feet.

Chloe's water fun that day consisted of playing with a water bottle. :)

Later that night Carter got busy making watery footprints all over the driveway while Daddy watered the plants.

Father and son.

Thanks also to all our neighbor friends who shared their pools, sprinklers, etc. this week too. It's just the beginning of a lot of watery summer fun!

One more week, and school's out!

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nateandkatesmom said...

Can I get one of those foot washes?......might need a pumice too!...oh, and can they throw in a foot massage too!