Thursday, October 17, 2013


I've decided to move my blog and change its name. 

I feel like "Our Family in Phoenixville" is too revealing of where we live....for safety's sake, I felt I should move it.  So from now on please visit to see my updates. (Yes, I know in 10 years I will need to change the blog name again but for now that's all I could think of!) 

Just pardon my dust as I rearrange and set things up!  All my old posts should still be there if you're looking for anything in particular.  :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Catching up for now....

So the other day my mom sent me an email reminding me that I had not updated my blog since July 4th.  (I'm glad at least my mother still checks my blog for new posts....)

But, JULY 4TH!!  Where has the time gone?  And what happened to my new year's resolution to blog more often?  I just looked and I have posted exactly 22 times this year.  Stellar.

Sidenote:  This is why I rarely make new year's resolutions....they are always (as the boy I watch after school says) "an epic fail".

The truth is, I don't even know where to start.  And when I think about all that has happened since July 4th....I'm just so far "behind".  There have been vacations and fun summer activities and back to school and 3 family birthdays and parties and extracurricular activities and.....{sigh}.  They will never be captured on my blog. 

So.  I am just going to start with where I am right now and what we've been up to.

This fall has been unique for me, in that I have my mornings (M-Th) all. to. myself.   You would think I would be coffee shop-hopping and mall-shopping and just generally living it up.  But no.  So far it has been just very busy.  I have been leading a Bible study on Wednesday mornings.  I have been trying (TRYING!) to squeeze in some exercise a few of those mornings.  You know, I can't even tell you what all I've been doing but my house is still not nearly as clean and organized as I'd like and I still fall into bed exhausted every night!  But what I do know is that it has been full of good stuff....I'm happy and feel productive and love to volunteer and help out people who are needing help (which is what has also taken up some of my mornings) so I feel in general it is time very well spent.

This fall my life has definitely also made another taxi-driver mom.  The kids have all gotten involved in extra activities so it means a lot more running around for Chad and me....but I am happy to be doing it so that they can be participating in things they enjoy!  But I will say that the hours of 4-9pm have become completely insane around here!

I am very proud of Audrey this fall.  She has taken on a number of extras this fall (at her own initiative) and she is handling it all very gracefully.  She took the risk at school to try out for "select choir" and she made it!  So two mornings a week she is at school early for practices.  I am so excited to hear her and the rest of the kids sing at their holiday concert....although we get some sneak peeks (? sneak listens?) since I often hear her singing to herself around the house.  She also has begun clarinet through the school and she seems to be enjoying it quite a bit....and so far I haven't had to harass her about practicing.  She and a few of the other neighbor kids have even taken their instruments outside to make a little band. So far they can play "Hot Cross Buns".  ;)  She also joined Girls on the Run, which is a running club that focuses on positive choices, healthy behavior, body image and self-esteem and (of course) - running.  She will run a 5K in December at the conclusion of the group and I will be her running buddy!  And of course - she is keeping up with gymnastics at the Y on Saturday mornings.  She has turned our basement into a gym complete with a vault (our ottoman), floor (couch pillows), and beam (support beam of couch when the pillows are off ).  She also "trains" Carter & Chloe and they regularly invite us to their "gymnastics shows".  :) 

Carter started first grade and honestly....I was wondering how it was going to go.  He is a boy who likes to do what he likes to do....and doesn't like to do what he DOESN'T like to do. And school is really a mixed bag.  There is a lot of sitting and listening and reading and writing.  He is a bright boy but he doesn't love to sit around reading - unless the reading is lego instructions or something. :)  Anyhow, you get my point.  But so far, I have been pleasantly surprised with how he has handled being at school all day.  He goes happily and comes home happily.  He does not love homework....but he does it.  This fall he is playing soccer and he joined Cub Scouts.  This means a few evenings out each week, which is not ideal - but so far he seems to be handling it all pretty well.  In the meantime, I try to give him plenty of time to play legos or knex or baseball or whatever so he can have time to "do what I want to do"!

Then there is Chloe.  She is LOVING preschool this year.  She loves reading and coloring and doing crafts and singing and playing. I love to watch her making friends and learning to be increasingly independent.  This fall she is also taking gymnastics and she does very well at it.  One week there was a running/jumping up on a vault combo that she struggled to do for most of the class, so the teacher helped her with it.  The next week, when they started the same activity on the vault, she went up to the teacher and stated "Don't help me.  I can do it myself."  And then marched off and....did it herself.  This is completely classic Chloe.  She is very determined and persistent and does not easily give up - which I love about her.  Except for when she is using that skill to resist me, of course. :)  It is hard to believe that she will be a kindergarten student next year, and it makes me a little sad since she is my baby and all.

So now we are starting to look toward the holidays....hopefully I will be a better blogger as all the fun fall holidays come and go!