Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All decked out

This has been the excitement at our house over the past few days...


Pile o' crap that used to be our deck. It was a little frightening how easily it came down ...

Watching the workers was incredibly fascinating to 3 young children ...

Not so fascinating to the cat, who spent much of the day hiding under the couch. Not so thrilled about all that loud noise.

Oh .... we're halfway there... (sorry had to throw in a Bon Jovi reference, heehee)

So much nicer, so much more space in our yard, no more half-falling down deck!
Now if only the temperature would dip below 95, I might actually want to go out and sit on this baby. But so far ... way too hot and humid. :(

Looking forward to many meals, parties and fun on the new deck!

1 comment:

The Raudenbush Family said...

OOOOO!!!! Very nice! I did not know you were doing this project. It really looks good! Too bad you can't install air conditioning on it or something. Ick, this weather is just too hot.