Monday, June 21, 2010

Mystery boy

Sometimes Carter is a total mystery to me. One moment he will say or do something that approaches brilliance. Then he will turn around ten minutes later and be so completely clueless that I can't believe he is the same child. I have jokingly referred to him at times as my "absent-minded professor."

Last evening is a perfect example. My parents and brother were over for Father's Day and we were sitting around the table chatting. Carter was looking at his placemat - which is a map of the US - and showing us where certain family members lived, and asking what some of the states were named, etc. At some point, someone said "Hey Carter, how do you spell Mississippi?" And he proceeded to spell it - slowly and thoughfully, but correctly (without looking). He went on to spell Ohio, Iowa, and parts of a few other states correctly. I was in awe. I seriously was wondering how on earth he knew this stuff.

Then a few minutes later, he went into the bathroom and came out. His underwear was on inside out and his shorts were nowhere to be found.

Clueless Carter was back. :)

Like I said - he's a mystery.


Kaylee said...

Oh I think that is so funny! Cute, cute Carter. What is it with him and the letters?? You've got to get him reading!!! He obviously knows more than you know he knows, ya know?! :)

Bekki said...

No no mystery. Just male. :)
Or perhaps so smart he is laching in common sence like many other very smart people.

nateandkatesmom said...

Wow! He's a genius! So what if he can't dress himself.......that won't get him to collage! lol

Julie said...

Oh this all sounds horribly familiar. Big brain on higher matters...can't pull his pants up.

Yeah, definitely a genius!

Is he reading yet? ;)