Saturday, June 12, 2010

Schooooool's out. for. the summer!

Remember these 3 cute little girls who started kindergarten 9 months ago?
(Audrey & the Kaitlyns)

Well, they are now kindergarten GRADUATES!
And they really do look and seem SO much older to me...

Here is Audrey emerging from her last ride on the kindergarten bus. She is now a first grader! :)

Well, no celebration is complete without a party. So the neighborhood moms decided that in honor of the last day of school, we would have a picnic and ice cream party!

[Sorry if you read my friend Kelly's blog. She has a lot of the same pictures!]

Chloe slept for most of the picnic time but she had fun with her "admirers" before naptime
By this point I think she had had enough "admiring" :)

So what's next?
Well, Monday we are starting swim lessons bright and early at 9 am.
AND our deck redo starts bright and early Monday as well (yay! no more splinters!)
... so we are jumping right into summer here at our house!

Wish me luck ....

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The Raudenbush Family said...

Okay, your neighborhood is surely too much fun. :) The girls look way more mature in the last day of school picture. Hard to believe. (sigh).