Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is here (or is it summer??)

Today was the official start of "spring" in the Smith household.

First of all, we went to our first baseball game of the year at the Reading Phillies. It is usually a really fun place to go ... however, not as fun when it's 90+ degrees outside, your seat is in the sun, and your kids are melting. And melting down. My friends Patti, Brianne & I spent most of the game out in the concourse area with our little ones, so at least the company was great! :) And I tried Dipping Dots for the first time with my kids. :) I know, lame.

The other "first" of today was the first day of outdoor water play! Carter got a "wacky waterpillar" sprinkler for his birthday, and since his birthday is in JANUARY, this was our first opportunity to use it. The kids were so excited. And soon half the neighborhood was out to join in the fun.

Then we had another first for the season - first fat lip from a facedown fall into the pavement ... poor Carter. :(

We have one other "first" to share from this weekend ... but I'll wait on that one and keep you in suspense .... :) Tune in later this week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little swimmer

I finally broke down and signed Audrey up for swimming lessons.

I've been putting this off for a while now. Partly because getting swimming lessons around here means joining the YMCA. And despite the fact that the Y is a "non-profit" organization, it is pretty dang pricey to join the Y ... at least for us it is. In fact, I only joined Audrey at this point because that was the cheapest option.

I've also been putting it off till now because I was afraid that Audrey would HATE it. She is my kid who never liked water on her face and I just didn't want her to have a bad experience with lessons, and then have it be an ordeal. I wanted to wait till she was really ready. Well, now that she is 5, she is much better about getting wet, and much more "brave," and she actually WANTED lessons. And I feel like at this point she just needs to learn for safety's sake, if nothing else.

Well. To my delight, she LOVES swimming lessons. In fact, the first day she went, all she talked about (to anyone who would listen) was how she was taking swimming lessons, and they were so fun ... even how she got her own special "credit card" at the Y (also known as an ID card). She spent the next few bath times giving Carter his own "swimming lessons." (He is happy to stick his face in the water and loved her "lessons"...)

I have loved watching her at her class! Every week she gets a little more courageous and tries something a little more difficult. ("Mommy, next week I'm going to jump in only holding on to one of the teacher's hands!") It makes me so proud, because it is all initiated by her. I am not having to push or prod or coerce her into it, she just wants to learn. I'm so glad I waited!

Little ducks in a row :)

Pretty much every picture I took includes this big ole smile on Audrey's face!

Learning to float

Getting ready to jump!

My sweet girl!

Monday, April 13, 2009


As usual, Easter came and went quickly this year but I am so thankful for this holiday, when we can take time to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice for us and His victory over death. It always moves me to tears when I think about the love that Jesus showed for me in that act of ultimate humility. I am glad that I will get to thank Him in person some day.

This Easter we traveled up to Long Island to visit Chad's sister Molly & her husband Josh. My in-laws were also there for a visit so it was even better.

So here are a few photos ... as you can tell some of us were more cooperative with picture-taking than others :/ Life with kids, I suppose!

Bribing Carter with cookies in an attempt to get him to
cooperate ...

It worked for one picture ...

It worked for two pictures ... (although then his sister was acting silly)

.... and, then it stopped working.
But Chad's parents look great, don't they??

Molly & Josh ... sorry, multiple cameras going so they are looking elsewhere.

Molly & I with our 6 month pregnant bellies. Our baby girls are due 6 days apart!
And there is my other little girl, who wanted to be in the picture too.

I love this picture of Audrey & Grandpa. She spent quite a bit of the weekend attempting to "beat him up" (don't worry, he was asking for it!) She had a lot of fun with her Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Molly & Uncle Josh.
Oh, and she is now begging us for a Wii so she can play Rock Band, since both Chad's sisters have one. I just wonder how long it will be until we fall victim to our culture ...

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Fun

I tried out making my own "video montage" ... I thought it might be an easier way to show a bunch of pictures, rather than posting them all separately. There are pictures on here of our family dyeing Easter eggs and of our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. So hope this turns out okay! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Kitty

Diesel finally found a place where the kids can't get to her! :)

HA! Smart cat.

Hives, hives and more hives...

Audrey has hives. Not a few little red dots. Massive, itchy, red splotches covering her body from head to toe. The doctor thinks she is probably allergic to amoxicillin. I wanted to say "great, thanks, I just pumped her body full of that poison that you gave me for the last 10 days." Anyhow, it takes amoxicillin up to a week to get OUT of one's system. AND, it can take up to 6 weeks to totally be rid of hives.

The good news is - at least it's not contagious, although I did find one stray hive on my cheek last night. I called it my "sympathy hive." Personally, I think it just may be stress related ...