Sunday, June 20, 2010

11 Months, Part 2

After I wrote my last blog post, I realized that there were a few other things I wanted to remember about Chloe's development this past month. (Just a warning - this is probably much more fascinating to me as Chloe's mommy and to anyone else this will be a snooze of a post...)

1. Chloe has a few words that she says now. She regularly says "Mama and "nana" (for banana - she LOVES her bananas!) She also can say "Dada" and "Ah-da" (Audrey) but they are more inconsistent.

2. Chloe is already getting a MOLAR. One day I was wondering why she was so fussy - it was so unlike her. And then I was tickling her upside down and she opened her mouth wide ... and there it was. Thankfully it has thus far NOT interrupted her sleeping! :)

3. Maybe I said this last month ... but Chloe is clapping her hands. Every time we yell "YAY!" she starts clapping ... of course she thinks she has done something great. And she probably has. [said the proud mama...]

4. Chloe has had a lot of separation anxiety in the past month. It is hard to leave a room without her crawling after me whining ... and hard to make dinner without her climbing my pant leg. She loves everyone while I am holding her, but usually if someone tries to take her from me, major tears erupt. My Mom says she is trying not to get a complex... sorry, Mom, I know she will love being held by you soon enough!

5. And finally - we have a flirt on our hands. Last night we went to a party and she spent most of the time making eyes and cooing sounds at random strangers until they paid attention ... at which point she would give them a huge smile ... and then bury her head in my shoulder ... while peeking to make sure they were still looking. Very cute, but she'd better cut it out by the time she's 13. ;)

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