Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dad's handiwork

As previously posted ... it's been a busy weekend. I just wanted to post a couple pictures while I have the chance, and before the week gets too busy and I forget all about it. Next weekend we will be traveling to Long Island for my sister-in-law's baby shower (her baby girl is due 6 days before mine!) and a celebration of my father/mother-in-laws' 40th anniversary. So things are probably not going to slow down any time soon!

So here is a picture of the awesome pantry/hutch that my Dad made for us and that we installed yesterday. Okay, I had no part in installing it. Chad and my Dad did it all. But I did keep the kids out from under foot. :)

Can you believe how cool it is? And oh so much storage space! I started organizing today, but I need to get more storage bins for all the kids' crafty stuff and my table linens.

The bunk beds were also put together yesterday, and Audrey has been sleeping up there ever since. It looks like someone else is enjoying the bunk beds too! :) I'd post a picture of the whole shebang but we still need another mattress and to set up Carter's stuff in there too. Poor Carter will be living in girly land for a while ... till we can de-girlify it more. Don't think he really cares at this point!

And just for fun ... Audrey "styled" my hair yesterday and took a picture of her own handiwork. She insisted that all the neighbors would think it looked SO cute when we went outside to play ... Don't I look adorable??? haha

I'm going to quit now so that for once this week I can get to bed by 11 pm. I feel like I spend half the morning trying to wake up these days!


Red said...

That cabinet is awesome! Isn't is nice to have all that storage!

girlymama said...

wow! that is gorgeous!! you must be sooooo excited!!!

Nichole said...

Amy...I love those cabinets - fits nice and snug in that corner too. Boy, I could use one just like that - gives me ideas though! How awesome and thoughtful of your Dad.

I think Audrey did a wonderful job on your hair too... that was hysterical thanks for sharing!

Oh... like your new "blog face" too!!!

nateandkatesmom said...

The cabinet's are beautiful! Your Dad is quite talented! And do you have a future hairstylist in your household? Your hair looked fabulous!! LOL

The Raudenbush Family said...

Super great pantry built in cabinet-thingy! Love it!

Mary Jo said...

Love, love, LOVE the cabinet! Your dad did a fantastic job! Does he travel to Ohio much?

Mama Amy said...

Mary Jo - No, he hasn't traveled to Ohio since I graduated from Cedarville! :) (by the way, does ANYONE really travel to Ohio??? besides to visit great friends like Mary Jo & Adam??)

Karen said...

What beautiful craftsmanship in that cabinet. It looks perfect and I am sure you will get so much use out of it.