Saturday, May 30, 2009

Change is in the air ...

This week has made the arrival of our baby girl seem a WHOLE lot more real.

For starters, I scheduled a "birthday" for her. It seems a little strange to me to pick something like that, but such is the life for the c-section mom. So ... July 16th it is. Why that day? Well, it had to be a Tuesday or Thursday (the days that my OB practice does their "scheduled" sections), and it's right before my due date of July 20th. (I also prefer even numbers, but I'd rather not get into my weird idiosyncrasies ...) I'm really not in a big hurry for the baby to come out super early either. I guess I just don't really mind being pregnant, and I want the baby to be fully "cooked" so to speak. Plus I need all the time possible to get my act together. There are less than 7 weeks left till delivery day! Yikes.

Meanwhile, we have been busy nesting around here. While Chad was off for the week, he painted our bedroom. I still have a lot of work to do there, including ordering some new bedding and putting stuff on the walls. The kids' bunk beds came the other day, and Chad put them together this morning. Audrey is at this moment spending her first night on the top bunk ... and oh so excited to be up there! Carter is still in his crib since we have yet to get another mattress for his bottom bunk. (Yet another unfinished project ...) And this afternoon my Dad and Chad installed our new pantry/hutch that is taking up most of one of our kitchen walls. It has SO much storage space. AND it is beautiful, and handmade by my Dad. AND it matches the rest of the kitchen. AND ... did I mention all the storage?? (Having 2 and soon to be 3 kids in this modest home makes me absolutely SWOON for storage!) :)

If only I had more energy and kid-free time, I could get so much more done... but it is what it is right now. So we are plodding along and trying to get as much done per day as we can.

Oh, and to throw a monkey wrench in it all ... I got my results back from that darn glucose test, and my sugar levels were elevated. So now I have to go get the 3 hour test. I am SO not looking forward to it, although as one wise friend pointed out - when else am I going to get 3 hours to myself? ALL TO MYSELF. So I'm hoping to at least get in some reading while I'm there. :)

I'll try to post some pictures of our "updates" soon. But I can't promise anything right now ... :)


ErinOrtlund said...

Wow--all scheduled, huh? That does make it real! I hope everything goes super smoothly, and you pass the yucky 3 hour glucose test with flying colors!

Allison said...

First--my Mom will be bummed that you couldn't hold out until July 17th, her birthday.:)
Can't believe you are almost done with this
LOVE the hutch..tell your Dad, "bravo!".