Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dogwood Festival 2009

Okay ... here is my obligatory post about the Phoenixville Dogwood Festival. This is so eagerly anticipated by the kids here in this neighborhood that you can almost feel the block pulsating with excitement! There's not too much to say - as in previous years, there were rides, friends, and ice cream - what else could a kid want? I'll mostly leave it to the pictures to tell the story!

The bumblebee ride is usually the first ride we go on ... it's a favorite!

All the neighborhood kids - they always seem to find each other and stick together!

Waiting, waiting, waiting (It was kiddie night so some of the lines were kinda long, not that the kids noticed. They were busy being silly with each other!)

Carter's favorite ride - the swing that was already in the park and totally free!

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Kelly said...

How fun! Grace better not see these pictures - she gets hyped up about carnivals, LOL!

Haha that you said it's an obligatory post! :o)

Happy weekend!