Saturday, May 16, 2009

The "graduate"

Oh so sad, I am (and beginning to talk like Yoda?) .... Audrey's preschool days are over. Not just for the summer. She won't be going back ever - since she'll be off to kindergarten this fall. I sure am going to miss my drives to Preschool in the Valley. It is an absolutely beautiful drive through the beautiful countryside of Chester County. I half wish that I had signed Carter up for next fall (but then when I think about driving a newborn and Carter off to preschool first thing in the morning, I think otherwise...) I plan to send Carter when he's 3 1/2, but that is another school year away. :(

Audrey had such a great year at preschool. Her teacher was the greatest. Really, she was. She's not going to be back next year and moms are up in arms! :) Audrey really blossomed socially this year as well and made a lot of friends, some of whom will be in her kindergarten too!

On Thursday, the kids had "graduation." It was very simple yet very adorable. The children marched into the sanctuary wearing little graduation caps, then they sang a song. Audrey said that the song was a surprise, but that it kind of sounded like "I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart" (... any guesses as to what they sang? haha) The pastor gave a "commencement address" of about 5 minutes (these are preschoolers, you know). Then each "graduate" went up to receive their "diploma". I wish that I knew how to do video on this blog, because Audrey very cutely skipped right up to her teacher to receive her diploma :) This is the only graduation where she'll get away with that ...

Audrey with her friend Kessa and Teacher Mindy

And all too soon, she'll be off to "big school"... then junior high ... then high school ... then college ... (sniff, sniff!) Please don't grow up TOO fast!

Chad is taking off this next week and we're planning to have a "staycation" of sorts ... some projects around the house, but some fun stuff planned in the area too. I'll keep you posted!


Mary Anne said...

What a sweet graduation story, Amy;-) Seems like just yesterday my girls were that little. I even remember the dreaded glucose test. With my second one I had to take the longer test where you wait something like three hours and you're poked three different times!

BTW, if your blog works the same as mine (I'm assuming it does) it's easy to add video. Open up the window to create a new post, click on the little thing that looks like a piece of film strip (it's right next to the "photo") and follow the instructions to upload your video.


Anonymous said...

Oh no...she can't be going into kindergarten, no, no! *sigh*
I feel like crying--she is such a sweet little thing, and I am so glad to hear she had such a good preschool experience (with a picturesque commute back and forth to boot!). Congratulations on your graduation into kindergarten, Audrey!