Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One from Carter:
The other day we were over visiting our friends the Wagners and after dinner we all had ice cream cones. Carter had an especially cute little bitty cone, just his size. He took a couple licks of ice cream, looked up, and declared it "da-yis-is!" (aka "delicious"). I had no idea that he knew that word! How cute is that, especially since most of what he says is gibberish?

Now one from Audrey:
The other week we were driving home from the Reading Phillies game. As we passed by the Limerick Power Plant (also known as the nuclear cooling towers, for those of you who don't live around here), Audrey looked out the window and said "Look Mommy! Cloud makers!"

We all got a laugh out of that one!


Red said...

Thats what my children call mtem also!

Nichole said...

LOL...Cloud makers! Now that's creative thinking. How adorable Amy, enjoy those moments.