Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unmet expectations

Today I had convinced myself that it would NOT be a good day.

I began my day with an early three hour trip to the Phoenixville Hospital lab to take the extended glucose tolerance test, because yes, ladies and gentlemen (okay, just ladies, I don't think any men really read this except maybe my husband) -- I failed my one hour glucose test. Yup, maybe I should have just kept putting it off after all! :) Anyhow, I was absolutely sure that I would feel sick, dizzy, and have a massive headache all day long from the blood sugar rush. As I walked into the hospital I realized how anxious I was feeling about the whole thing, so I just prayed that I would be at peace and endure whatever happened to come my way.

Well ... it truly was not bad at all. I ended up chatting with another mom through part of the first hour ... then one of my neighbors happened to stop in over the second hour so we chatted awhile ... I did some reading ... I watched all the interesting people that came through during my time there ... and I left ... WITHOUT a headache or any side effects. I was hungry, that's about it.

I went on to have a perfectly lovely day with the kids at the park, where we enjoyed an impromptu picnic and I felt as energetic as any other day. I was so elated to NOT feel bad. I even felt extra patient with the kids all day long.

Hmmm. Maybe I should expect that every day will be awful, and I can be pleasantly surprised by my average stay-at-home mom day more often? :) Or perhaps I should more eagerly put my day in God's hands, and ask Him to help me to be at peace and endure whatever might come my way.


Jeanne said...

That must have been the first "test" you ever failed!

nateandkatesmom said...

I'm so glad it wasn't as bad as you anticipated and that you weren't over the borderline!