Monday, January 24, 2011

Life in our house, this week

The time has come in our family where we need these:

 Lately the craziness at the table has just been ridiculous.  So ....  time to intervene.
I told Audrey and Carter that for every rule they follow completely at dinner time, they will receive one point.  When they reach 100 points, we will take them out for ice cream.  Where they can practice their manners once again.As you can see, they have already earned 10 points ... beginner's luck?
Moving right along....
Chloe has bonked her head at least once a day for the last week or so.
And the following photos show why:
She loves to climb ... and she can now climb the coffee table, the sofa, the chairs ...
and she thinks she's a big kid.  
Only she's not. :)

  Fortunately she seems to have 9 lives...

Lately I am really enjoying watching the kids relate to each other.

"Big Kid" Chloe has taken to joining Audrey & Carter on the couch to watch Saturday morning cartoons.  Chloe's verbal repertoire now includes "Wa-wa" (Dora, as in the explorer) and "Wii"(as in the video game system).  Ugh.

But even more, I am enjoying seeing how Chloe has begun relating one-on-one with each of her siblings.

Audrey's relationship with Chloe is very much your typical big sister role.  Audrey enjoys reading to, carrying around, and "leading" Chloe in all sorts of girly fun.  I can just see the admiration growing in Chloe's eyes.  Everything Audrey has - Chloe wants to get into!

 It's nice because Audrey is old enough to actually help out with Chloe.  And maybe because of the age difference, there is very little jealousy or rivalry.  Audrey has been very helpful lately - so much that Chad & I decided (for a number of reasons) that she should get a small allowance now. 

I have never seen a kid so excited to make up a job chart for herself :)

Then there's Carter & Chloe.
 They are two little lovebugs.
(That is, when Carter is not tackling her or sitting on her head.  Like I said, 9 lives.... Although I really think he does it in love.  Kind of like how junior high boys tease girls they like? Yup, I'm going with that explanation....)
 They really do enjoy each other.
And since Audrey is gone at school all day, they spend a lot of time just the 2 of them.

Here they are - YES, watching TV together.  I love how he has his arm around her!
Seriously, they don't watch that much TV but the pictures sure seem to say otherwise!

Oh, and I'll leave you with this little news flash - Chloe STILL loves to chat on that phone!

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Kaylee said...

I have a lot of TV pictures too. I just say it's because it's the only time I can get them all sitting still at the same time!