Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010... catching up here...

Why are these kids smiling so big, you might ask?

Looks like Santa came!

Guess what?
He brought Chloe .... a phone.
Which she promptly took behind the tree to start pressing buttons. Hmm, sound familiar?
(And we gave her the boots ... doesn't she almost look like a teenager here ... wearing uggs and texting???)

Chloe also promptly raided her brother's stocking and ran off with his tic-tacs.
Unfortunately, she couldn't get them open.

After opening presents at home, we headed over to my parents house for MORE presents and for dinner with them and my brother, uncle, and best friend.

Audrey & Mom-Mom

Chloe & Pop-Pop ... who got on Chloe's good side with cookies

Look! I made it into a picture!

A zillion presents and the kids are playing with .... bubble wrap

Daddy relaxing with the kids.

It was of course a very fun and exciting day.
But that next morning we were busy with laundry, packing, and trying to get out of town before the snowstorm hit!
And then we were off to Buffalo, NY for Christmas #2 with Chad's family - material for another post ... coming soon!


Aunt Deb :) said...

Wonderful Christmas pictures of the family! We love you!

melissa said...

so sweet!

gracie had those EXACT same jammies that Chloe is wearing! I LOVED them!