Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Buffalo

On the day after Christmas, we headed to Buffalo, NY to have Christmas with Chad's family. All the siblings and cousins and grandparents were together, which is always so special. A big shout out to my sister-in-law & her husband, Andrea & Matt, for hosting 16 people under one roof ... 8 of those people being age 10 & under! We had a loud, chaotic, crazy great time!

A few highlights:

Little boys bonding over Toy Story 3

Playing in the snow (which is ever-present in Buffalo from like December to April...)


Explore & More Children's Museum.
Carter spent 95% of the time right here at this ball launch. He LOVED it.
He wanted to flap his arms so bad, but here he is holding them down like a big boy. :)

Chloe had her own fun playing with the balls.

This lion is wondering what kind of whackadoos go to the zoo in freezing temperatures ...

Apparently WE do!
Here are Grandma & Grandpa with all 8 of their grandchildren.
One more is coming next summer! Yippee!
(And no, I am not the one producing the next grandchild... that honor would go to Chad's sister Molly)

Yes, there are buffalo in Buffalo!

We did a lot of fun things, but really the best times we had were just sitting around the table and talking, eating, playing games, competing in Wii Rockband, eating some more ... times in which I was just enjoying myself and didn't think about taking pictures.
It is such a joy to watch the kids enjoy each other so much and to see how much all the children have grown and changed since we last saw them. Hard to believe that the oldest cousin is now 10!

Fun, fun, fun!

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patricia said...

A beautiful post Amy. I can only imagine how much Carter loved that GIANT ball drop!! :) Feel like I haven't seen you for way to long! I now this infant/ house-bound (the winter isn't helping any) stage will be over and become a distant memory soon... but hopefully we'll see more of you guys soon. :)