Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carter take the wheel

Carter has learned what the different stop light colors mean.... which means that he now sits behind me and tells me how to drive.

He doesn't understand that sometimes it's okay to turn on red.  He reprimands me almost every time I do it  -"Mommy, don't do that!  That light was red!"  He also gets upset if I go through a yellow.  Nothing like having a preschooler tell you how to drive...

Today as we were driving to church, he told me to stop braking at the green light.  There were cars in front of us.  And what's more ... I wasn't even driving, CHAD was!  Now I'm getting corrected when I'm not even driving. 

Other funny things Carter has said or done lately --

C:  "Mommy, A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for conifer."
Me:  [Conifer???]  "Umm ...okay..."  (Actually this is from a show he watches, but STILL!)

Carter spent most of Christmas Eve night learning to hop on one foot.  He went from being unable to do it at all to hopping 10 times on one foot!  The look of pride on his face was a Christmas gift in itself.

Looking at our wedding pictures:
Carter:  "Mommy, why do you look like a princess?"
Me:  "Because I am wearing my wedding dress ... you dress up like a princess on your wedding day."
A minute goes by.
C:  (With a pouty face)  "I want to get married too."
Me:  "You do?  Why?"
C:  "I want to look like a princess too..."
Oh my.  He also wants a princess or Dora cake for his birthday ...Time to make more friends that are BOYS!

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