Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010. Yeah, I know it's late.

It has become tradition for Chad to take the kids on a Christmas Eve morning hike. Which I love because I can get some last minute stuff done! And the kids of course think it is great fun.

Before any big excursion like this, however, you need a good hearty breakfast to start you off. So Daddy makes his specialty -- Pancakes! And on Christmas Eve they include sprinkles and chocolate chips. :)

And now, with bellies full of pancakes ... they are off!
Walking sticks and all.
Chloe was too little to go along this year ... but maybe next year she will be up for a hike!

In the evening, we head to our church's Christmas Eve service.
Then it's back to the house for goodies and getting ready for Santa to arrive.

Here are the kids after church.
And what is up with Chloe's face?
Who knows.
I think she just likes to ham it up for the camera these days....

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