Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chloe at 18 months

I haven't been keeping up with my monthly updates ... I think from now on I will just post about Chloe's growth and development as interesting changes show up.  

So lately ... well, interesting changes have been showing up.   :)

First:  the positive developments.

Chloe is saying more words.  My favorite new word by far is "Please" ... she signs the word "more" while saying (oh-so-sweetly) "Please!"  It is way cute but now she does have the idea that if she says please (and gives her sweetest smile) that she can have anything she wants.  Which has occasionally led to a meltdown when the request is for cookies for dinner! 

Here is a little sneak peek at her saying please ...

Moving onto other developments ... Chloe has learned to "sing."  Her favorite right now is "Twinkle, twinkle little star" ... she sings it - well, her version of it - while doing hand motions (the best part is that she can make a little diamond with her fingers - too cute).  She enjoys music and also does a little dancing when music comes on.  

Today she started a Mommy & Me swim class.  She really seemed to enjoy it and she was totally relaxed in the water.  She is a little bit of a fishie ... every night after dinner she begs for a bath (with sign language) and if you ask her if she wants to get out ... she hides in the corner of the tub!  

Chloe's new favorite thing is BOOKS.  She loves to look at book after book - as long as they are interactive in some way (lifting flaps, touch & feel, etc.)  I hope she keeps loving books ... like her mama!

And one of my favorite new Chloe developments is that she is giving hugs, kisses, blowing kisses ... and sometimes it is totally unsolicited.  She will just reach for you and say "Ooh-wah!" and hug you.  So sweet.

And now for the more, ahem, "challenging" developments ...

Chloe has become quite the picky eater.  She has about 5 foods that she will dependably eat (well, excluding ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, and the like).  The rest of the time?  I am busy guessing what she might find worthy of putting in that delicate little mouth of hers.  Or cleaning up the mess after she has tossed her plate and every last piece of food on the floor.  You think I'm kidding.  The other night I gave her some macaroni and cheese.  What kid doesn't like good ol' mac & cheese?  Well, I placed it on her tray, turned around and that quickly the whole bowl had been thrown on the floor.  UGH.  So, she had applesauce and crackers for dinner.  Because that is what her highness would allow to pass by her lips that particular night.  This too shall pass, this too shall pass (repeat to self while counting to ten). 

[However, she does have a little bit of table manners lately.  She has been using a spoon with increasing accuracy ... because of course she refuses to let us feed her anything.  Miss Independent!]

Chloe also knows when she is being naughty.  The problem is:  If I reprimand her and she knows I am not happy.... she will turn around and do something even MORE naughty.  It's like a mini-standoff!   Example:  Me:  "Chloe, don't bang that on the coffee table!"  Chloe:  Bangs item even harder on coffee table.  And then throws everything on the coffee table on the floor.  All while giving me a defiant look.  Other example:  Chloe tried to pull something out of the wall socket.  Not good ... so Chad gives her hand a little smack and says "NO Chloe, danger!"  She looks at him, sizes him up, and laughs while trying to pull it out again.  The louder he reprimanded her, the more determined she was to defy us.... My, oh my.   This too shall pass, this too shall pass (repeat to self while counting to ten.)

Chloe has also picked up another skill ... and this one is our own fault ... she wants to play Wii:

Of course, all these "challenges" are a normal part of developing into a little person, so I take the picky, naughty stuff with a grain of salt at this point.  It's all about exploring her world and figuring out boundaries and understanding cause and effect at this point.  She is just exploding with new actions and words and funny stuff each day, and  I am just so happy to have her around.  She is a little ray of sunshine and fills our days with lots of laughs right now!

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