Thursday, June 4, 2009

a baby shower!

For the past two years, Chad & I have been part of a "small group" through our church, Grace Valley Fellowship. A couple of years ago, after having been a part of another small group, our pastor encouraged us to think about starting a new group, one that would incorporate some of the newer members of our church. At the time, I found the idea of that a bit overwhelming and I admit to having a number of "fears" (mostly unfounded) about doing so. I actually wrote about it here. But I am oh-so-glad that we took on this ministry because it has been a blessing and a joy to us in many, many ways. First and foremost being the people that are a part of our group. They have become treasured friends and surrogate family to us. We have grown together, prayed for each other, learned from each other, laughed together, cried for each other, rejoiced over answered prayer together, etc, etc. I just love these people, can you tell??

This past week, our group had decided to have a barbecue to "kick-off" the summer. Only ... unbeknownst to us ... our friends had also decided to make this a surprise baby shower for us! I have to admit ... they got us good. I had no idea. Actually, when I walked in and they yelled "surprise" I was wondering what the surprise was for ... Duh. We had a great evening at Daniel & Julie's house, and they definitely have the gift of hospitality. It was a ton of fun!

I happened to bring my camera so I actually have photos! :)

Cake & goodies

Talking, eating, and hanging out on the deck

More talking, eating, and hanging out inside

Katie came up with a baby shower game - The guys were timed on how fast they could diaper and dress a "baby" while holding a phone and being distracted by friends ... we figured most of us girls were pretty much pros at this, so only the guys had to do this game! I won't say who, but someone was disqualified for picking the baby up by the head :)

Erik won this game. You can tell he has two kids already ...

Align CenterOpening gifts

Modeling the clothing :) We received some really cute girl stuff. And I'm going to blatantly promote my friend Patti's business here ... she gave us the most absolutely beautiful baby memory book. Handmade. It's like a scrapbook and baby book in one ... and all you have to do is fill in some pictures and information! And she sells them and you can check out just how great they are right here at

Thanks so much, friends! We are so thankful for you.


Kelly said...

What terrific pictures! What terrific friends!! Hooray for baby girl clothes...I'm thoroughly addicted to them. ;o)

Have a super happy weekend, mama!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Did not know that Patti had her own business doing something crafty! What a great small group you have -- good to see!

nateandkatesmom said...

That's so great that your friends did that for you and Chad. After 5 1/2 years, I'm sure your baby girl wardrobe could use some updating. What a nice surprise!