Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I've been up to ...

Once again, I haven't been blogging much lately.

This is why:

Sick boy Carter (notice the "tarp" laid down in case of barf!)

Sick girl Audrey

I have been locked inside these four walls since Friday night. Audrey has been sick since very early Saturday morning. Gotta love waking up at 3 am to puke down the side of a brand new bunk bed. Sorry to be gross. I really didn't care so much about being up... I was worried about Audrey. I hate to watch the kids be sick. And she has been lethargic and feverish ever since.

So it was just a matter of time ... yesterday Carter came down with a fever. Fortunately he only threw up once. And this morning he was mostly back to normal.

But poor Audrey, she still was looking so terrible this morning ... four days after first getting sick. I ended up calling the doctor. Of course, as always happens, she started perking up (after four days of NOT being perky) right before we went for the visit. I've decided that from now on, when the kids get sick I am calling the doctor immediately because then for sure they will be all better lickety split! And it will be the best $15 I ever spent. :)

Anyhow, I pretty much had a breakdown this morning. I felt so tired and so overwhelmed and I was having a hard time seeing Audrey look so pathetic. It was upsetting me so much that I kept walking out of the room crying. I don't know if hormones are part of it, but I was losing it. So I did what I have always done when I feel that way ... I called my mommy to come save me! Well, in reality, I usually try to handle these things on my own - I feel bad imposing on other people, even family - but I thought about how I would feel if I were my mom. I would WANT my kids to call me when they need help, no matter what their ages! And I knew my mom would want me to call. So these are the days that I am especially thankful that we live close to family. She came and everything seemed a little bit better. I was also just glad for the company - it was getting kinda lonely around here!

Thankfully, things are looking up. This evening both the kids were up and about and playing together and even ate some dinner! Praise God!

So meanwhile if you think of it ... PLEASE pray that I don't get the dreaded illness. I'm trying not to worry about that ...


The Raudenbush Family said...

:( Sorry to hear this. Very sad start of summer!

Nichole said...

awe...poor Carter and Audrey, I can't stand to see children in pain or sickness either!!
thankfully, being in your position with baby on way, the Lord gave you strength and resolve to care for your children, it's really amazing. I also know how tiring physically and emotionally this can be too - so not fun!
but like everything else, this too shall pass...hopefully not onto you though! that's what happened to me a couple months ago if you read Kudos to my husband post...lol!! Ugh...I'll be praying for ya!

girlymama said...

oh DEAR! i'll be praying you don't get sick!

how do you know kelly? i'm friends with her too!

Jeanne said...

You are so right about me wanting you to call. You are no longer my little girl who I can pull into my lap and cuddle. But I can "be there" for you when I'm needed! And it makes me feel good to still be needed.

nateandkatesmom said...

Do us neighbors have to share everything?!? LOL Yep, seems like Nathan has the same thing. Glad to hear that the kids are doing well now though! Hopefully you and Chad escaped the illness, especially YOU!