Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funny but true

I went to my OB appointment yesterday, stepped on the scale, and saw the readout. Which I will not share, by the way. ANYHOW, I said to the nurse ... "Is it me, or did I LOSE a pound since my last appointment??" She said "yup, you lost a pound."

Must be that sugar-free diet!

Guess I know what I need to do AFTER the baby comes ....


The Raudenbush Family said...

I weighed more at 20 weeks than I did when I delivered Drew after following the diabetic diet!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Wow, that's interesting losing weight later in pregnancy! I lost weight early in pregnancy with Chantel and then gained a pound per week after the first trimester, until just before I was due, which I gained a few pounds, due to preeclampsia, so that's why I delivered Chantel early! Praying all goes well for you and your delivery!