Wednesday, June 6, 2012

O Happy Day

Today was a happy day.

One of those days I just sit back at the end of the day and smile thinking about. 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, really.  It was just a series of wonderful moments and I just have to thank God for blessing me with a day like today.  Because as any parent will tell you - they aren't all like this. (!)

This morning I went to my Bible study as I normally do on Wednesday mornings.  I almost always leave feeling refreshed, and grateful for the women who encourage me there.  Today was no exception.

I had invited a few friends & their kids over afterwards for lunch.  The weather was beautiful and we ate on the deck and babies crawled and "bigger" kids ran around the yard and house - enjoying each other's company, as did the moms.  I am so thankful for great friends. 
After they left, Chloe took a nap.  Carter asked me to help him finish building something with his K'nex that he and Chad had started earlier.  (I should note that he is SOOOO into building lately that I usually say no because it often turns into an hour long project.)  This time for some reason I said yes, I would help him. We sat on the floor in his room and worked together on completing it.  He was so completely thrilled when it was done.  He kept exclaiming things like "Mommy, I'm so proud of you that you finished my K'nex boat!" and "Mommy, I love you when you play k'nex with me!"  Guess I will be playing a lot of K'nex this summer seeing as they are his love language and all.... :)  
I told him I was going out to the deck to check email and enjoy the weather.  He followed me out and asked to sit on my lap, and we had milk and cookies and just giggled about stuff.  Then we played Memory together before we had to head out to the bus stop to pick up Audrey.  It was -- can I say that an afternoon with my 5 year old son was lovely?  Well, it was.  It was lovely.
At the bus stop, Chloe's friend came driving up in her Jeep.  (Yes, a 3 year old driving a Princess Jeep....)  They drove home together and played outside until dinner time....tooling around our street in the jeep, dancing in princess dresses, hanging out of trees like monkeys. 
It is so fun to watch Chloe develop friendships.  Chloe is lately at an age where she really likes to instigate trouble with her siblings, but fortunately (?) she saves that for home and when she is with her friends, she is mostly a very kind and sweet friend...happy to share, quick to invite, willing to give. 
We ate our dinner out on the deck and while Carter & Chloe are quick to leave the table (more like we are lucky if they sit still for 5 minutes), Audrey is at an age where she is happy to sit and talk.  I love that.  This school year I have seen Audrey mature in a number of significant ways.  For one, she is much less argumentative than she has been in previous years.  She has also been quick to obey, and quick to help out around the home.  If I ask her to do something, it is rarely with much complaint.  I also feel like we can discuss "life" more.  Sometimes she asks me to come up in her bed at bedtime and we have some great conversations then.  I wish these conversations were not taking place at 9pm, but....well, I'll take it.  I keep thinking - the day is coming when she may not be as willing to talk or spend time with me - so I'd better take advantage now.
(Audrey at field day on Monday)

If I open my eyes - I mean really open them and pay attention - I think probably many of my days are filled with these kinds of moments.  But we need to open our eyes and pay attention. 

I am glad I was paying attention today.

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