Monday, June 25, 2012

My Pinterest Home - the summer look

Welcome to my home! 
Extreme Makeover - Summer Kid Edition

This summer I have an 8, 5 & almost 3 year old home 24/7.

They are having lots of fun and helping "summer-ize" our look.

Lincoln Logs, K'nex, Tinkertoys, Legos, blocks, dollhouses, coloring books & markers.... my house is just trashed "decorated" all the time.
I have decided to just go with this summer look.
Do you think anyone on Pinterest would be interested in our summer home makeover?
 Matchboxes strewn artfully all over the couch....
 Legos on the floor...
 K'Nex creations decorating my side table...
 More K'Nex (and instruction pages) scattered willy-nilly on the chair...
 Lincoln Log houses right in the middle of the carpet...
 Doll house furniture welcoming you at the top of the stairs....
 Blocks dumped out (Chloe's DIY stool to reach the bathroom sink)....
Doll house set up with furniture all around.
Actually, the dollhouse decorating might actually be pinterest-worthy.
Audrey's a great decorator!

I don't even have photos of my deck...which is decorated with beach towels drying over the backs of deck chairs and hanging off the railings. :)
DIY forts and drying racks!

I just have decided to embrace our summer look.
Yes, I do make them clean up at the end of the day.
But come by some time midday....and you never know what you may find!

I am choosing to believe that the mess summer look is a sign of brilliant & creative minds at work. :)
Or at least just kids havin' fun!

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