Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T-ball 2012

On Saturday Carter closed out his 2012 season of t-ball.  
He did a great job this season!
You can tell he already has a few seasons under his belt, his skills are just so much better than last year at this time when he first started t-ball.
He loves playing first base.  I think mainly because in t-ball, you get the most action at first than at any other place on the field. 
Because mainly in t-ball you stand in the field like this...praying that something comes your way. :)
And sometimes your prayers are answered!
After Carter threw this ball home, I overheard someone say "wow, that kid can throw" and his coach replied "yeah, that kid's got a cannon."  Is it weird to say I was proud to hear that my son has a "cannon" for an arm?? ;)

 The girls were super excited to be at the game... can't ya tell?
Audrey brings along a backpack of stuff for her & Chloe to do so they won't be "bored."
I have to admit, I have skipped my fair share of games this season...
They ended up down by the stream throwing in rocks and sticks.  Until they got stuck in the quicksand mud, screaming commenced, and Chloe lost a shoe.  But that is the stuff of another blog post....
In any case, I am very proud of my little slugger's hard work all season!
I have a feeling I will be sitting through plenty of ball games in the future!

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