Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June summer fun

Lately I am really enjoying spending time as a family.  Which I guess is a good thing seeing as we (at least the kids & I) are all together 24/7 now that school is out! 

 This family picture was taken on Mother's Day at church, and I love it.
I tried to use this picture at the top of my blog while redoing the layout but now blogger is telling me I have "exceeded my photo upload quota"....and they want my money.
 UGGGH!  I am not computer savvy enough to figure it all out right now.
We have been having fun making eating smores!

Catching lightning bugs:

Having parties and picnics with friends:

Swimming and splashing in the pool:

And of course Chloe is always up for making crazy faces:

This week Audrey has been at science camp and she and Carter are BOTH going to soccer camp!  
Busy week....but lots of fun.

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