Monday, April 2, 2012


I know my birthday was the beginning of this month.....but one last present was waiting. 

On Friday afternoon, we (meaning Chad & I, not the kids) took off for a little jaunt to Hershey, PA.

And that evening we went to this concert:
Christian music fans.... can you tell who we went to see?
How about now?
(It says "Let my lifesong sing to you")

It was Casting Crowns.
It was an amazing concert!   Wow.
I love when you leave a concert and you feel like you might have just tasted a little bit of what heaven will be like...
 Thank you Chad for the awesome birthday present!
(It was also such a gift to just be able to be together without kids.  No offense, kids.  We love you with all our hearts, but it sure is nice to go out to eat without cutting anyone's food and without having to remind anybody that poopy talk is not appropriate table conversation....It was also nice to sleep in, sit on a couch and read a book, eat meals out, and shop without navigating a stroller!)
A big ol' thank you to our friend Jacki  who stayed with our kids overnight.
Anyone who knows her knows that she is a saint!  And my kids had so much fun with her!

Anyhow, we also stayed at an amazing place.
This was the view:
Horses grazing in the pasture
Little ponds and gardens scattered around the property...
It was just so, so lovely.  
And I am not someone to use the word "lovely" in everyday conversation, ha! :)
(Downton Abbey must be affecting my speech patterns....)

I also started reading Hunger Games in the car. 
I know, I know.  I am the last person alive to read it.
And now I know what all the hoopla is.  It is SO. GOOD!
This is one of those rare times that Chad and I both are interested in the same I want to finish reading it so that we can go see the movie together in the theater!

Yesterday (Sunday) was filled with church, our church's egg hunt (at which I did not take a single picture.  I was busy doing face painting... so fun!)  Then straight to a birthday party with 2 out of 3 kids.  A very full but fun day.

So back to reality this week.
Not only is Chad out of town all week, but one of the kids is on Spring Break, and the other starts hers on Thursday.  So my hands will be full.  Thankfully I had a little break already.
But there is also something fun about just me and the kids.  Like I don't feel obligated to make dinner!  Tonight was hot dogs and chicken nuggets! :)
(Don't worry they also had strawberries and carrot sticks to make up for that processed junk....)

I am still running but I did not get my run in this weekend.  T-minus one month til the big race!
(Shhh, don't tell my running buddy Rebecca that I skipped out on my run!  And Rebecca, if you're reading this?  Well, just pretend you didn't see it!)

How was YOUR weekend?

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Kelly the Overthinker said...

oooo....looks so nice! We were in Hershey for the day Friday but gone by concert time. Took the kids to Chocolate World for a few hours (with about a gazillion other people!)