Friday, April 20, 2012

{Friday Favorite Things}

My favorite things this Friday....

A husband who works hard and takes good care of our family and home even on the days he would "rather lick toilets clean for a living"....

Chloe's first spontaneous "I love you, Mama" complete with hug.  Out of the clear blue.  Makes me teary just thinking about it.

Snuggling up with Audrey to watch and comment on American Idol.   Because heaven knows Chad will never do this with me.  And probably Carter won't either.  So glad I have my daughters!

Lying on the kitchen floor with Carter, markers scattered everywhere, to work on his special "This is Me" poster for preschool.  Now I know he aspires to be a drummer AND an astronaut!

Eating a delicious brunch with my Bible study friends after a two-week break.  Sweet fellowship.

Legs that - although tired and sore - can now run 6 miles.

My dirty house....dirty because spring has arrived and 3 little pairs of dusty feet and grimy hands are running all around the yard, rolling in the grass, picking dandelions, splashing through puddles, and making forts in the backyard. 

Up-too-late nights, reading The Hunger Games trilogy.  And for a young female protagonist that is strong, courageous, and not obsessed with boys. 

And coffee.  Always thankful for coffee. ;)

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Peggy Mellbye Smith said...

Beautiful thoughts, Amy. Love all you said.