Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends at last

Our cat Diesel has always had a love/hate relationship with our kids. 

When they were really little, Diesel loved them.  She would come over to the bouncy seat and sniff at them and happily sit nearby. 

But then those little people start moving.  And chasing.  And grabbing at tails and ears.  And smothering.  And trying to carry her around.  And just generally over-"loving" her.  Diesel spends a lot of time hiding out in the basement or up on our bed when the kids are in this stage.  When pushed to her limit, she sometimes even hisses or bites or swipes at them.  But usually that's only when she's beyond annoyed. 

Anyhow, Audrey & Carter have both crossed the bridge from being annoying little people to being acceptable family members.  But Chloe?  Well, Diesel has steered clear of Chloe for quite some time now. 

So the other day I heard Chloe calling me from downstairs "MOMMY!  Come here!" 

I am so glad I responded right away, because this is what I saw when I got down there:
 Diesel was actually sitting calmly on Chloe's lap letting Chloe pet her.  Chloe was so thrilled!  And so was I.  Looks like Chloe & Diesel have finally made friends with one another. :)

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nateandkatesmom said...

That is cute! Katiyln still "over-loves" Mittens and gets upset when he gets tired of it and runs away. Some day she will learn that if she doesn't force smother him, he would love to come sit with her and be petted.