Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be our guest!

This week we had a special visitor in our home.  His name is Howard.
 Howard is a special dog.
When you are in preschool, you get to bring him home for a week and take care of him and then journal about all your adventures.
 This week Howard played all kinds of fun games with us... hide-n-seek, zingo, marble races... he even had a tea party with us.  That Howard wasn't very good at drinking tea with his pinky in the air but we let it slide...because actually this is not Carter's strong suit either. :)
He also went all sorts of places with us - to the store, to the park, to ride go-karts (although he stayed in the car during the go-kart rides!)  He was going to go to Carter's t-ball game...but we left him at home.  Sorry, Howard! :(
 Howard even went with Carter to his kindergarten screening!
(And - can my little Carter actually be going to kindergarten next fall???)
Even cuter?  Howard slept with Carter in his bed for every night of his visit.

Thanks for coming to visit us, Howard!
We will miss you. :)

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