Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

Chad was out of town all last week so we were all happy to have him home for Easter weekend.

We started the weekend with some Easter Egg dyeing.
Carter spent the whole day asking "is it time to do the easter eggs yet?" :)
He was pretty pumped about this activity...
If anyone that I went to high school with every reads this blog....do you recognize this "smock"???
Yup, it's my old gym shirt.  I don't know why but I could never just throw it out.  Weird. 
This is the first year that Chloe actually participated in doing eggs.  She loved it!
And somehow, no eggs were broken. 
This picture doesn't show it, but Chad always colors really unique and cool eggs.  Carter was cracking us up because he kept exclaiming things like "Daddy, your egg is so cool!"and "Daddy, your egg is so CREATIVE" !?  Where did he learn that word?
(Okay, I know it is from his teacher at preschool.  She is amazing.)
Partway through this process, Audrey decided that we should have prizes for the best eggs.  So she ran back to her room and made some.  I was very proud of her.  Originally she just made one ribbon, but then she decided to make two and give one to Daddy and one to Carter. 
As you can see, Carter is pretty proud of his "achievement".
This is random and has nothing to do with Easter.
But Chloe drew this on the doodle board and said "This is Daddy, Mommy, Audrey, Carter & Chloe."  Looks just like us, right?  So cute.
On Sunday morning we send the kids on a "treasure hunt" to find their Easter baskets.
They love it!  We hide the clues in eggs.

This year we hid them in the van! :)
Excited about their loot!
Checking it all out.
My first attempt at pictures was not very successful.
Chad was at church early to help with set up/video so I was flying solo.
Carter was pouty about having to wear a "button shirt"...
Chloe did not want to stand still.
Audrey was the only cooperative one!
Yup, even offering lollipops didn't work....
After church we went to my parents.  This picture turned out much better!
After our brunch the kids hunted eggs in my parents' yard.
At this point he has forgotten about the button shirt!
How grown up does she look these days??
As previously noted....Chloe does not like to stand still for long.  Lots of pictures of her from the back!  Luckily the back of her dress is pretty!
The whole gang
Finally a pretty nice picture of all 3. :) 
I love this one....all 3 little heads checking out what Audrey found in her basket.
But of course someone still decided she would not look at the camera. :)
But I have hope for her.
Audrey used to be exactly the same way... and now she is happy to get her picture taken!

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