Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick kids, Part 2

Poor Carter & Chloe.  This week they both got hammered again.  BUT:  Thankfully this was a very short-lived illness!  Fever lasted 24 hours, coughing/wheezing for a few days.  That's it.  Thank you Lord!

But it has been really stressful to me.  I had a few nights of being up every hour or two all the live-long night.  Then I called the doctor's office for some advice about Carter and they told me to take him to the ER (it was at the end of the day).  Which - don't call child services - I did NOT do.  I just thought that was way over the top  ... and I also realized that his inhaler was out of medicine and this is why it was not working.  Duh.  But hey.  As previously stated - I was pretty sleep-deprived. 

Then I took Chloe to the doctor the next morning - she was really breathing hard and wheezing.  So I came home with instructions to start giving her nebulizer treatments.  Of course with my insurance I couldn't simply bring a nebulizer home with me from the doctor's office, I had to call insurance ... then call the medical equipment company .... then call them back .... then talk to the local subcontracted medical equipment company ... then wait til 8 pm at night for them to drop the thing off.  I was so irritated by then and I felt like crying which - as previously stated, I was pretty sleep-deprived, thus the tears ...

Anyhow - all that stress - and this morning the kids were basically fine.  Still giving them the asthma meds but they were eating and playing and squabbling like any other day.  I'll take it!   I know it is so worrisome when they are sick ... but it just reminds me to be oh-so-thankful that illness is not a daily thing for them.  I know some people have children who are truly ill and fighting for their lives.

A little benefit of  all the nebulizer treatments is that I get 10 minutes of uninterrupted cuddle time!  
Now ... off to bed.  I am oh. so. tired!


Allison said...

You poor, tired, overworked, sweet momma. :(
So glad to hear it is over, and that spring is on the way in and cooties are on the way out!!! Woo hoo!

Karen said...

So glad that everyone is on the mend and that this illness was short lived. Let's hope it is the last for the season.