Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just celebrated my 39th birthday.  Yup, next I will be the big 40!  Which of course, just can't be.  Chad and I went out last night to celebrate my birthday and he said to me "When you start saying - there is no way I can be [this age], I think that is when you're getting to mid-life crisis point."  I think there is a little truth in that.  Although I don't feel like I'm having a "crisis" at all ... I am actually happy to be my age.  (Not so happy about the wrinkles and slowing metabolism but that is another blog post.)  But I am happy with where God has me, here at age 39.  And the wrinkles are mostly smile lines so how can I complain?

Anyhow, I had a really, really great day.   I don't have too many pictures of most of it .... because I just didn't bother with my camera.  Honestly, I just get caught up in enjoying what I'm doing and I'm really not thinking about my blog and getting photos to share.  Which is fine - I'd rather just live in the moment anyhow! 

My day started with breakfast out with Chad and Chloe while the 2 other kids were at school.  I LOVE eating breakfast out!  Then I went out for lunch at .... Chick-fil-a!  We met my friend Lyn there.  And now I just have to share this story because it was so cute.  When I picked Carter up from preschool, I surprised him with going out to lunch.  I said "We're going to Chick-fil-a" ... and he said "I LOVE Chick-fil-a!" then I added "And we're going  with Lyn!" and he thought a minute and said "I LOVE Lyn!"  (I think she got a kick out of that story too!)  He is so enthusiastic.  :)  So we had lunch, the kids played in the playland a little bit, then Lyn came over and hung out with me all afternoon.  Fun!  She also gave me some beautiful flowers.  Guess what?  I love Lyn too!  hehe

I did take one photo at Chick-fil-a ... Chloe has discovered ketchup and was eating it with her finger straight out of the container!

Later Chad came home and we all hopped in the van and went to my parents' house for dinner and cake.  My brother and my friend Melissa came too!  Then we opened presents and guess what I got ... I was so surprised!

See?  I told you I was surprised!

 It was a KINDLE!!!
Oh boy, am I going to have fun with this baby!
Chad, his parents, and my brother chipped in to get it for me.
My parents gave me a leather cover to go with it and an Amazon gift card.
Now I am going to have to finish this post up rather quickly because I have books to download!
PS - I have been on a huge reading kick lately so perhaps I will do a post on some books that I have enjoyed and would recommend!


Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! You couldn't be a day over 25. ;) Glad you had such a good day. Sending sun and warm weather your way!

ErinOrtlund said...

Happy Birthday! I'm not far behind you! I can believe I'm almost 39, but I can't believe I'll be 40 in less than 18 months! But 40 is the new 50 right??? Oh well. You still look so young, and you have accomplished so many great things in 39 years, in particular the 3 cuties that feature so much on this blog. :)