Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day = Failure

You know, sometimes as a mom you can't win.

I decided  - now that I feel like some of the "fog" of baby brain has lifted - to try to do something more "fun" for St. Patrick's Day.  A holiday which I have previously ignored despite my being part Irish.

So I was thinking about food.  My first thought of course was corned beef, but seeing as I have never made corned beef - and I can't even recall ever eating corned beef  - I quickly crossed that off the list.  My next thought was Shepherd's Pie - but then I realized that 2 out of 3 kids LOATHE mashed potatoes.  (I know, what is wrong with them???)  So I finally settled on "fish & chips" which for me meant heating up frozen Gorton's fish fillets and french fries.  Lame, but at least I thought they would eat it ... especially since I was making a mint chocolate chip ice cream pie for dessert! 

Well, Carter & Chloe would not touch the fish.  Chad asked "What exactly is this that we're eating .. chicken strips?"  Audrey ate the "Irish fish" (as she called it) without complaint, especially after she heard about dessert.  But she has always been my best eater.  So very mixed reviews on dinner.  Not really very fun after all.

But besides that - I forgot to dress any of my children in green.  This morning I went to the bus stop and every. single. kid. had on green.  Complete with special green shamrock hairbows and skirts and shirts, etc, etc.  Audrey wore green pigtail holders but that was it.  She then came home and asked if she had anything green to wear outside to play.  Of course I could not find one single green item in her entire wardrobe.  Fail.

Then Audrey asked why the leprechauns didn't mess up anything in our house.  (And I am thinking - leprechauns are supposed to mess things up?  News to me... I thought they were looking for a pot of gold...)   Fail again.

Sheesh.  Back when I was a kid my mom didn't do any of this stuff and I never felt ripped off.  (Of course none of the other moms did all this stuff either ...)  I have to say - I am finding it irritating that every single little holiday is now filled with great expectations ... expectations that all fall on the Mom.  Which is fine if you are Miss Creativity and full of fun ideas and unlimited time and money.  But apparently I am not THAT mom. 

Seriously.  Valentine's Day used to mean giving each classmate a valentine.  Now it means giving each classmate a valentine plus candy/a pencil/a goody bag.  Easter used to be finding a few eggs in the yard and a basket of candy.  Now it seems - if the latest Target ad is any indication - that it also involves presents AND toys AND baskets of candy.  And I LOVE Christmas but don't even get me started.

I know that I don't have to choose to "keep up with" everyone else.  But it is hard when your kids come home wondering why you didn't do all these things that everyone else did .... it makes you feel - well, a little like a failure.

Anyhow - I know I am a good mom despite my St. Patrick's Day failings.  So I'm not up on all the cool creative things you're supposed to do.  So no one wore green.  At least I am confident that today I spent time with my children and  loved them and treated them well.  That's what they will remember in the long run.

And the mint chocolate chip ice cream pie?  Well ... at least that was a hit.  :)


nateandkatesmom said...

I turned chairs upside down and rearranged things a couple of years ago for St. Patrick's day because the Vogel girls told my kids that that is what happens. They didn't bring it up last year or this year prior to the holiday, but I felt bad today when they were telling me all the fun stuff that their friends had at their houses. The leprechauns might mess things up tonight a bit!

patricia said...

Don't be too hard on yourself.. there are many variables that are out of our control (ie kids likes/dislikes)! I admire you as a mom, really! :0) Hope today was a better day.

ErinOrtlund said...

I am right there with you! For Halloween, I tell my kids to pick something from the dressup box. Valentine's Day is either homemade cards or cheap ones. I didn't even attempt an Irish meal for St. Patrick's Day--I think you had a cool idea!

I really prefer being creative and fun when it fits my mood, my budget, and my interests. Otherwise I'm happy to be a minimalist!