Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma

This past weekend Chad's parents were here for a visit.  The kids love to see their grandparents!  Well, Audrey & Carter get very excited.  Chloe spent a day looking at them a bit skeptically but she slowly warmed up.  Grandpa quickly learned that sneaking her some jellybeans was a great way to make friends...  ;)

 The first agenda item was celebrating Grandma's birthday, which was on March 12th. 

One of the gifts we gave Chad's Mom was these silhouettes of the kids.  I made one for my Mom on her birthday too.   I got this idea from my friend Kelly ... and I finally made the time to do something crafty!

Grandma's new phone was quite popular with the kids!  
There were some fun games on her phone.  And I just have to point out that I am officially in the dark ages.  I have an old pay-as-you-go flip phone that doesn't even text efficiently.  Not that I text ... yup, I am old.

Carter read Hop on Pop to Grandma.

Carter talked Grandpa into a few games of Mario Kart.

Chloe had fun playing with Grandma too.
All in all, it was a low-key few days but that was good.  We all had plenty of time to just hang out and spend time together.
The kids are already asking when they are coming back!

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nateandkatesmom said...

Hey you finally got your silhouettes done, they look great! I love the background paper and I love all three together in that frame! Was that a gift to your in-laws?