Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Boy

Guess what? ....

Yup, Carter turned 3 on January 30th!

And this is how my poor boy spent his special day. Sick as a dog.
Note to all potential parents out there: If you can help it, do not have your baby in January. So far Carter has made trips to the doctor's office on 2 out of his 3 birthdays ...

The next day he managed to perk up enough to have some family over for some pizza, cake & present opening. He still was not "well" but we went ahead with it.

Carter is on a Dr. Seuss kick lately. And he also loves playing games these days. And of course, he still has his strong affinity for the alphabet. This game combines all 3 of those elements!

Grandma & Grandpa sent Carter this LeapFrog Text & Learn. Obviously they know of his love of letters!

This is one of Carter's favorite gifts ... a marble race.
I am starting to call it "the precious" (a la Lord of the Rings.... cue creepy Gollum voice) ... this evening he was throwing a fit when he had to stop playing and go to bed. Usually he's pretty cooperative but this game has a strange hold on him ...

Just had to throw in a picture of the littlest party guest :)

Taken from Carter's baby book at age 3:

Height: 40 3/4 inches ... 97th percentile

Weight: 37 lbs. ... 92nd percentile

[side note here ... where did this huge kid come from ?? He certainly didn't get his height from my side of the family! ]

Favorite foods: yogurt, applesauce, fruit, come to think of it, he has very few foods that he loves. He is Mr. Picky right now. :(

Favorite books: lots of Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs & Ham, The ABC book

Favorite games: Candyland, Hullabaloo, and various computer games

Favorite toys: marble race, Hot Wheels cars, ball popper, trains, mega bloks

Favorite outfits: [hahaha] ... well, he prefers his car shirt and his football shirt. Other than that, don't know that he cares too much about what he's wearing. Except for dress clothes. He definitely does not like button-down shirts. If we put one on him he yells "TOO BIG!" regardless of the size ...

Favorite things to do: Hmm. Right now his favorite thing to do is go to the bus stop! Or go anywhere in the car. Can you tell we're stuck in the house ALL THE TIME?

Most amazing things you've learned to do: spelling short words and trying to sound out words; memorizing Sunday school verses ("be joyfully always, pray continually!")

Things we wish you hadn't learned to do: Boot up the computer, click on games, and start playing them. We had to put a password on the computer to keep you from sneaking on there to play!!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you so much.


nateandkatesmom said...

Bummer that he was so sick for his B-day. Kaitlyn has started coughing, so I hope she stays well enough to enjoy her day...even though we had to cancel her party. At least she got to have her girlfriends over.
Anyway, Carter is such a sweet, cool kid. I love how out going he is and the cute expression when he talks. Oh, yeah and he is a genius! So fun watching all these little ones grow!

Jenny said...

That's awesome! I can't believe how big he is! He's even bigger than my girl and she was off the charts for the first 2 years of her life:) If I remember correctly, she was around 39" and 34lbs at 3. Boys are probably a little heavier (denser) than girls, too. But then, Evie hardly grew between 2 and 3 and has only had 2 growth spurts (one small, one big) in the last 3 months. She was wearing the same clothes this past summer and this winter as she wore last year! (Until this last 2 months.) Maybe you'll have the same thing...or not! He sounds like a great kid -- wish we were closer, sounds like Evie and he would get along great! She just turned 4 on Jan.24. And I totally agree about the whole January birthday thing -- UGH! We decided if we have another one it has to be in the summer -- our house is too cramped to be having birthday parties when people can't be outside;)

Allison said...

What a little man! I can't believe how much like a little BOY he looks like. That kills me...when they turn that inevitable corner and leave "baby" behind. *sniff*
Thanks for sharing. Made my day...even if it made me tear up. ;)