Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 months

Miss Chloe Elizabeth turned 7 months the other day. I almost missed it! The past month has gone by ... well, terribly slowly. Between all the sickness and all the snow (and more snow), there have been some loooooong days here in the Smith household. But I have been so preoccupied, I hardly realized that Chloe had passed another month by. But here we are.

So what are we up to these days?

Chloe is rolling both ways now - from tummy to back, and now from back to tummy again.

Chloe has a new "word" and she loves to say it over and over again -- "buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh ...." She sings it to herself when she's happy, she yells it out when she's upset, it pretty much means ... well, whatever she wants it to mean :)
PS - excuse the strange gag at the end of the video clip!!

We've found our feet. And they seem to taste really good!

Chloe is starting to do a little bit of what I call an "inchworm" crawl. But only when she REALLY wants to get to something. Usually something she shouldn't have, like the remote. What is it with babies and remotes, anyhow??

Chloe is taking baths in the "big" tub now. Audrey especially finds this a fun development. Now if I would only let her put makeup and nail polish on Chloe, her joy would be complete ... :)

Still only those 2 bottom teeth. But I can tell she's working on some more. I see the start of one on the top. 'Please come quickly', is all I can say about that. I'm finally getting a decent night's sleep over here!

Speaking of sleep, Chloe's sleeping pretty well now. Going to bed between 6:30-7ish and sleeping till 4-5am. Up for a quick feeding, and right back down till around 7:30 am. I'll take it! (Especially after dealing with sick kids and being up every hour or two all night for weeks on end ...) Sorry no picture of a sleeping Chloe. Never want to risk waking a sleeping baby around here!

Chloe smiles up a storm and charms everybody around. She really enjoys being around people, and really lights up around friends and family.

It sure is going quickly ... don't grow up TOO fast, little one.


nateandkatesmom said...

She sure is bah-bah-bah-ing with gusto in that video! Love it!
I feel like it's been so long since I've seen her without a hat on. I never noticed how much hair she has now! Soo cute!

ctordini said...

Oh my word Amy....she's adorable!! Love the little video...too cute! It does go by so fast too. Trying to enjoy every moment of Kelsey's life too.

melissa said...

that bathtub picture is too adorable! i love sisters!