Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby food

I have a confession to make. I LOVE little jars of baby food ... not to eat of course, but to look at and select at the store and line up all organized in nice little rows in my pantry. Weird, I know. Even when I don't have an infant in the house, part of me wants to go check out that part of the grocery store. They have so many interesting selections now ... cinnamon raisin granola; ham/pineapple/rice; and all kinds of fruit combos that sound really yummy. They even have apples and chicken. I have to say - that doesn't sound appealing but it somehow has gotten my kids to eat the meat that's in jars. They never really like the whole 'chicken in gravy' kinds of baby food.

However, I also REALLY like a bargain. And baby food is definitely not a bargain (although Redner's is selling Beech-nut @ 2 for .70 lately - not too bad). I really think that part of the reason I've breastfed each child is because I don't want to pay $20 a can for formula! Anyhow, when Audrey was little I made some baby food and I've continued to do it with each subsequent baby. I don't make a lot of varieties, because really - do I want to find peaches that are half decent and ripe, cook them down, and puree them? WAY too much work. BUT, carrots, peas, squash, etc. are all very easy to make. So this is what my freezer looks like right now:

If you have an infant and you haven't tried making baby food, I encourage you to try it out! Very little work ... and lots of healthy food. And to defrost, just take a few cubes out and nuke them for 30 seconds.

For recipes and ideas, go to this website:

So far Chloe eats most anything I put in her mouth. Let's hope that continues for years to come!


Allison said...

Way cool!
Although it's been so long since I've been in the baby food aisle...I think I no longer know where it is at the WalMart! ;)
Love getting a peek into your world via your blog~

nateandkatesmom said...

I used to mix a lot of those meat things with applesauce to get them to eat them, so I guess it's not so weird. My magic bullet was great for making baby food! It's funny, but I used to love the baby food isle too, always looking for something new that sounded good, for the baby. And I even had one of those double decker baby food lazy susan's to keep them neat and orderly! I guess we have issues! LOL

Eric said...

Nice! I bet you could make even more creative combos than Beechnut or Gerber can. :)


Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought that food in the freezer was for my lunch!?
- confused husband