Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Night in the Life ...

Last week I gave you "a day in the life" ... well, now here you have "a night in the lfe" ...

Last night we got all the kids in bed by 8:15 pm. Including Chloe. It felt like some kind of miracle.

Then I made the fatal mistake. I said to Chad: "Can you believe it? ALL the kids are in bed by 8:15!"

This is how the rest of the night went.

8:15 pm - All kids in bed. Chloe was actually sleeping. (The night before she didn't go to sleep until 11 pm!)

8:15-9 pm - Audrey and Carter sing "Fresh Beat Band" tunes in their beds. Kind of cute. ("On guitar ... KIKI!"...)

9 pm - Audrey comes out of her room saying she's stuffy and asking for medicine. I tell her we'll wait a little while and see if she goes to sleep without it.

9:30 pm - Go in and give Audrey the medicine. All is quiet.

10:45 pm - Get Chloe up to feed her in hopes that she will sleep till at least 4 am.

11:15 pm - Go to bed.

2 - 2:30 am - Listen to Chloe (who is still sleeping in our room) scrunch around grunting in her bed while she tries to, um, pass gas and poop. Try to sleep. Pray that she doesn't really wake up and decide she wants to eat already. Realize that my throat is kind of sore. Chloe and I both fall asleep again. Chad continues to snore. (WHY is it that men never seem to hear these things??? Ugh.)

3:30 am - Chloe decides that she really wants to eat now. Only when I pick her up, her whole sleeper is soaked with pee. Vow to never buy Huggies again as Chloe screams her head off while I change her diaper AND sleeper. Feed baby. Put her back to bed. Wonder why my left ear is also aching. Start falling asleep again.

4 am - Carter wakes up crying. Carter is usually Chad's responsibility at night but since I am already still up from Chloe's feeding, I get up and deal with it. Of course, Chad is continuing to sleep away. Go in and realize that Carter is also soaking wet, as is his sheet. Vow to stop letting him have drinks after dinner. Change his diaper, pj's, and throw a clean sheet over the dirty one. Put him back to bed. Drag self back into bed and pray that Chloe sleeps in and that she doesn't get the cold that I seem to be getting.

4:30 am - Carter cries again, but just for a moment. But enough to wake me up again ...

6:50 am - Chloe wakes up and decides that she is hungry again. Get up to feed her. Three minutes later Carter wakes up and is calling. This time Chad actually hears him and gets him up.

And so my day begins...

So. If I am grouchy/irritable/glazed over/not making sense today .... you know why.

I think I need my coffee in an IV drip.


girlymama said...

oh you poor thing.
sending coffee-laced thoughts your way.

Mary Jo said...

Wow - these nights sure do drag on don't they? The newborn feedings (and hormones) are the real icing on the cake... It just all seems so familiar... Even the snoring, non-responsive hubby!

Karen said...

You are a very strong woman Amy. You are doing a terrific job, despite the sleep deprivation. That was, indeed, a rough night. Hang in there. I know what to get you for Christmas now.....a caffeine IV drip. I'll go get started working on that;)

Brianne said...

oh my! i felt exhausted just reading about your night! will be praying you make it through the day and that you can get some rest tonight!

nateandkatesmom said...

Oh, man! I soo don't miss those days (nights!).....except for the part about the kids being cute little babies. I'm sorry you had such a rough night. I hope you get both kids taking a long nap at the same time so you can get some rest. Hang in there!
.....I know you weren't laughing, but this post was kind of funny.

ErinOrtlund said...

I wish I could give you a Mama medal today! And come over to watch your kids so you can sleep!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Wow, sorry about the frustration. How is your ear! Yes, Chantel slept in our room 3 nights this week, it's been a little rough that way too. She slept in this morning, when we couldn't due to the plumber coming.
Praying things improve. Chloe seems to feed way more at night than I remember Chantel doing. I'm sure it seemed like 3-5 hours at a time. Closer to 5 after the 1st month. By 3 months, she was sleeping 10-12 hours at a time. Hoping things get better for you! Sorry Chad didn't wake up, Ralph is the one that does night things, I can't drag myself out of bed and upstairs like he can and I don't deal well with sleep deprivation. I need my 7+ hours of sleep a night. 7 1/2 more like it and 8 + in the summer, or on weekends. That's how I keep my brain functioning. Hoping you can get more rest soon! ♥