Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess who's 6?

On Monday, September 7th, Audrey turned SIX! We had a family party ... that is, with what family lives in the area. The rest of her family was celebrating with her in spirit!

I often ask the kids to hold up fingers to show how old they are for a photo .... this year we moved on to two hands.

Audrey got to pick what we had for dinner. She picked chicken nuggets ... so chicken nuggets it was.

Of course, one of her favorite parts was opening gifts.

She asked for a Hello Kitty cake...

Of course Carter was happy to chow down the cake. I think all he had for dinner was tortilla chips and a few strawberries. This would have really bugged me when Audrey was his age, but at this point ... well, there are bigger things to get bugged about.

Cake AND ice cream ... woo hoo!

This weekend she'll have a few friends over for a little party too. Oh the joy of being a kid!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We love you.


girlymama said...

did you bake that cake? its adorable!!
happy birthday, a!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Hope Audrey had a wonderful b-day! Did she invite Kindergarten friends to her girl party you talked about on FB? That's what Chantel did with her class, since they had a class directory. That was so helpful.

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Oh, and Carter always seems to get into his cake. :-) ♥