Friday, September 25, 2009

Silly boy!

This morning we were sitting at the breakfast table when Carter suddenly picked up and hugged his yogurt cup and said "Oh yogurt ... it's so good to see you!!"

He is just full of craziness lately. In the past week or so he has eaten cat food (twice), stuck his hand in the toilet, played in his sister's "makeup", dumped half a can of fish food into the fish tank, colored with marker on the ottoman, head-butted his baby sister ... all this from a kid who also is trying to sound out short words. You would think a kid who's smart enough to try that would know better than eating cat food, but ... you would be wrong.

What a silly little boy! Gotta keep an eye on him ALL the time now, but he sure is fun.


Jeanne said...

I guess you know that your "silly boy" is the apple of my eye. I love him to death - he is so funny. I could just eat him up!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

You know what they say about the smart ones and common sense. ??? He's just trying to make his way as the middle child and oldest boy, all at once. My mom was a middle child, always in trouble with her mom, and she lived with 2 sisters. :-) Yogurt sounds like a good choice. Chantel always loved her "organic" yogurt when she was little. Now, she's getting pickier again. ♥ Thanks for sharing the funny things in your life.