Sunday, September 20, 2009

Down the shore

Yesterday we headed "down the shore"' as they say here on the east coast. This was our first trip to Ocean City this summer! Better late than never ... but we were a little busy this summer with other things. Okay, I didn't want to go to the beach in my nine-months-pregnant glory and then I didn't want to go with a brand new little baby either. So yesterday was the perfect day to go - high in the low 70's, sunny, and NOT crowded at this point in the season. It was only for the day but it was a lot of fun for all of us. A nice little getaway.

As we got down onto the beach, some kind of air show started up at the same time, and next thing we knew, F-16s were zooming by and circling us at top speed. Unfortunately we have no pictures of them (although they were traveling so quickly I doubt we would have gotten any good pics), but Chad whipped out the camcorder so we got a little of it on video. He used to dream of going to the Air Force Academy so he was really into it. The downside was the massive noise level. Next thing I knew, Chloe started wailing and then Audrey did too (she has never liked loud noises and they still seem to bother her). But soon other more quiet planes were flying by in cool formations and made fun designs in the sky. The kids liked this stuff much better and all the crying stopped. :)

Of course, a good part of the day was spent building sandcastles. And trying to keep Mr. Destructo (aka Carter) from knocking them down. Boys!

After a pizza dinner at Mack & Manco's we headed over to the rides - aka, the money pit.

I am cracking up that Chad is waving happily at the camera. Meanwhile, the kids are totally ignoring my attempts to get them to look.


It was such a day full of fun that all three of my kids fell asleep on the ride home. I know that sounds normal, but in this family it is unheard of!

I'm really glad we decided to go. I was initially not too excited about the prospect of dragging us all to the shore with a little baby and all ... but it was totally worth it. And as the kids get older, it will only get easier from here! Woo hoo!


Chris Ann Schultz said...

sounds like you all had a fun time, thanks for sharing. Chantel doesn't like loud noises either, neither do I.
part of the reason we haven't sat up close and personal at a fireworks show, the other, early bed times, since she's not a napper! :-)
Thanks again for sharing!

Karen said...

Glad you had fun. On top of that you proved to yourself that you can go on these "semi-spontaneous trips" and like you said, will only get easier. Congrats!

The Barefoot Mama said...

What great pics! I love photos of children on the rides - they're always so contagious with their big ol' smiles!! We were at Wildwood this summer, and I started swooning as soon as I read in my Reader that you had NJ pics up. ;o) I miss vacay! LOL!

Hope that you're having a great start to fall, mama!

(and I totally want the beach now, haha!)