Thursday, March 1, 2012

This week at my house

Well, it sure has been busy.

Last weekend, Chad and my brother, Andy, re-plumbed (is that a word?) our bathroom.
Thank heavens it no longer looks like this!  New floor is in, new vanity/sink is in, toilet is back where it belongs...there is still lots to do but at least it is functional.

Later that day we celebrated my Mom's birthday.  I won't say which one although the cake may give it away. ;)

Speaking of birthdays, yours truly has a VIB (Very Important Birthday) coming up on Sunday.  I am turning FORTY.   I thought it might bother me, but nope.  If it involves cake and presents, I am all in.  Even if it means I have to get older.  Actually, (tangent alert...) I feel really good right now.  My 30's were great.  I gave birth to 3 beautiful children, I moved back to the area where I grew up, I have friends, family, a church family that I adore....can't complain AT. ALL.  Lately I have been running regularly.... which has caused me to start eating healthier... which has improved my mood and energy level too!  Plus, today when Carter reminded me that soon I will be forty, I asked him "So Carter, do you think Mommy is old?" And he said " are young!"  I love that boy. :)

I am going to need all that energy later this year....this week we made some final plans to take a trip to Disney in the fall with Chad's parents. I am so, so excited!  We have been there once with Audrey when she was 2, but not with all the kids.  Chloe's eyes are going to pop right out of her little head when she sees Cinderella's castle!!!  I can't wait!  We have not told the kids yet, but Chad and I have been talking "in code" with each other about it .... apparently Audrey has been doing a little eavesdropping.  Last night I found her scribbling furiously into her notebook and this is what she had written (yes, I sneaked a peek while she was sleeping!):
(Click on the photo to see it larger)
Perhaps she has been reading too many Cam Jensen mystery books lately?  Chad & I could not stop laughing when we read this.  It is SO Audrey.

Meanwhile, I decided that I want to finish some lingering "unfinished" projects around here.  It all started when I committed to crocheting some hats to send to a woman who puts together gift boxes for children who are fighting cancer.  So I pulled out my yarn collection.  Then I found a half-finished hat that I started for my nephew...who was born last July.  So I decided that before starting any more hats, I should finish the one I already started. (Guess the hat will be going to another baby boy...)  Of course then I had to find the original pattern and figure out where I was....then I stayed up WAAAAY too late finishing it up.  Because once I get involved in it, I have a hard time putting it down.  I never know when I might get back to it!  (And now you get a little glimpse into how my scattered mind works.  Only add in interruptions every few minutes by someone needing a drink of milk or help with a puzzle or needing to tell me something RIGHT NOW.....)  Anyhow, I think it turned out cute:
It's a little elf hat...what do you think?  I think it is perfect for those photos of little sleeping newborns all curled up wearing only a diaper and a cute hat! 

Chloe is still loving puzzles.  She figured this one out all by herself today.
25 piece puzzle at 2 1/2?  I think she's a smart little cookie!

Chloe also had a play date with her friend Ella.  I took a picture of them.
 (Chloe really was wearing clothes.  Her princess dress is just so big that it falls off her shoulders!)
This picture was taken after about 10 of THIS kind of picture:
(She LOVES to make this face...I think I need to stop laughing every time she does it!) 
My beautiful daughter. :)

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nateandkatesmom said...

haha! Sounds like Audrey is about to solve the case! Make sure you post an "after" picture of the new bathroom!