Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running ups and downs

So I just have to start off with this little tidbit:

That is 55 minutes of running, folks!!!

My hair was like an oil slick, my self was totally slimy, and my face looked red as a raspberry, but I did it, people!!

So obviously, this is one of my running "ups".  

However, last week was a total downer.  I try to run every Tuesday and Thursday morning as well as one weekend day.  Well, Tuesday I was unable to run because I was signed up to help out in Carter's preschool class.  That afternoon I decided to do some "strength training" at home so I turned on a workout dvd from netflix and concentrated on my legs mostly.  Well, whoa doggie.  I was SO sore that it was hard to walk up and down stairs...for days!  Chalk up downer #1.

Then Thursday - despite having slept poorly and having a cold - I made myself go to my 5K training class.  


Well, well, well.  Let me just say that 3 people showed up - the leader (who is training for a marathon), another woman (who had just completed one hour of exercise with her personal trainer and was now on to her second workout of the day), and ummm.... me.  The leader had us run over to the high school track (which is an uphill run part of the way).  Then she had us doing sprints alternating with jogging for a mile or so.  I literally prayed "Help me Jesus" through this part.  I thought I was going to die.  (And I only am kinda kidding about that...)  Then we had to run back.  3 miles total.  I am ALWAYS the slowest runner in the group and the last person to arrive back at the Y.... so my running self-esteem was pretty low by then.  Not to mention that by 3 pm that day I was ready for bed!!!  Downer #2.

So on Saturday morning I went to the Y track to run my "long run".  I was STILL sore from my Tuesday and Thursday escapades.  I started running, and around 2 miles in, my shoe came untied.  I stopped to tie it and then tried to start jogging again.  My legs were KILLING me.  I don't mean sore, I mean painful.  Painful to the point that I decided I should stop because I really didn't want to injure myself.  Even just walking was hurting.  Even just sitting on the floor stretching, my legs were screaming.  So again, I was totally discouraged.  I really need to up my mileage and so far the farthest I had run at once was 4 miles.  And my "long run" became a short 2 mile run.  Downer #3!!  UGH!

I really began to question myself -- why on earth did I sign up to run TEN MILES?  WILLINGLY??  Can I even do this?  Am I just feeling temporary pain (which I have had all along) or am I injuring myself?  Is it too late to sell my race bib???

I took the rest of the weekend off.  The soreness eventually went away.  I went to run today and decided that I was just going to take it slow and see what I could do...and as I ran I felt good.  My legs were NOT hurting.  In fact, even the shin splints were mostly gone (this has been my main problem all along).  So I decided to keep going.  And going.  And going. For 5 miles!  I even just said to Chad - I'm not even sore. 

I am so excited!  5 miles!  It made me think that maybe all that soreness and pain were perhaps part of the path to greater strength and endurance....here's hoping that all the downers were part of a "breakthrough" of sorts. 

Although I am still not looking forward to that 5K training class this Thursday....wonder what kind of "fun" she has planned for us this week??


Mary Anne said...

"Maybe all that soreness and pain were perhaps part of the path to greater strength and endurance"

Applicable to many things in life, huh?:)

Blessings on you as you continue to train!

Mary Anne in KY (I read and enjoy your blog often, but rarely comment:)

ErinOrtlund said...

Yeah, I think it's true. When you push your heart, your legs, your endurance, then the next run tends to be easier!