Monday, August 22, 2011

5K Training: Week One in Review

One week of 5K training is complete!  I'm on my way!

Here are my random thoughts on my running experience in no particular order:

1.  Running makes you VERY sweaty.  I am not a big fan of sweat. :)
2.  The shoes really do make a difference.  On my first outing, I wore my 12 year old running shoes, and the next day my knees were hurting.  I got new shoes, and my knees haven't hurt since.  (Now my muscles, on the other hand....)
3.  I am wondering at what point I will think -"Yeah, I love this ... it feels great"... or even at what point I stop thinking "How long til I get to stop?"
4.  I am very proud of myself for making a plan and for finding a running buddy.  Thanks Kelly!
5.  I am very proud of my husband for sending me off to run and not complaining about being left to get the 3 amigos ready for bed by himself.
6.  Okay, I do not like the sweat, but I do like how I feel about myself when I have finished yet another run!

Wish me luck!!  

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nateandkatesmom said...

Thank you for being my running buddy! I was perfectly content to be a walker in this 5k, but you gave me just the motivation I needed to get moving and exercise again. We can do it! I hope you stop feeling ill the day after running. That stinks!...and I'm with you on the sweat..uugh! Hate it...good thing we will be running in the fall!