Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday is a summer tradition here in our neighborhood.

I'm not sure why we call it "Wacky Wednesday" ... it really isn't all that wacky.  But anyhow...

Each of us takes a Wednesday and plans some kind of fun activity ... the kids love it and they get some kind of organized fun with their friends.  And it is one less day each week of trying to come up with stuff to keep all the troops occupied!

I haven't blogged any of the previous activities, but they have included water slides, pools, scavenger hunts, painting big boxes (aka "forts"), etc.  This past week we all took the kids over to one of the hiking trails at Valley Forge National Park and they all had a LOT of fun!

All set to go!
Wading in the water
The kids spent a lot of time looking for critters near the water.
And they were not disappointed!
The kids found this crayfish....
Then they managed to capture a toad.
Then they found this giraffe floating in the water ... although I am fairly certain that this is not indigenous to the southeastern Pennsylvania area.
It did keep Chloe occupied for quite some time though!
Carter spent most of his time doing this - throwing rocks into the water.  I think he could literally do this for hours.
And of course he spent a little time being silly too.
Isn't the waterfall behind him beautiful?
There are so many beautiful places to explore around here!
Hiking back to the cars for a picnic lunch.
This is Audrey & Chloe's favorite thing to do these days - piggyback rides!
(And it gave me a break from carrying her!  She wanted to be carried most of the way back.  Guess I should've brought the stroller!)

Can't believe another summer is coming to a close. 
Thanks neighbors for all the fun!!

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nateandkatesmom said...

I was going to do a wacky wednesday post next. I hadn't posted about the others so I figured I'd wait till the end of summer an post some pics from all of them!