Friday, June 3, 2011

Prayer, Part 2

Tonight I am asking that you PRAY with me.

My little 5 year old neighbor, Gabriella, was just diagnosed with cancer in her brain.  They have found it in and around her brain stem.  It is not all in one mass, so they cannot operate and remove it.  They have just biopsied the cancer to figure out the best course of treatment.  She will be in the ICU at CHOP for a few days now and then the wait begins for the pathology report ... they are told they will have to wait a whole week.  The reality is that -- as her Nana told me today "We need a miracle." 

It all is so hard to take in ... I feel like I am still in shock.  She was just outside playing last week.

So, please, please pray for Gabby.  My heart is just breaking for her, her family and especially for her parents.  Pray for that miracle! 

Thanks so much for joining me in praying for  her.

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Mary Anne said...

I will pray for Gabby and her family. God Bless.