Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing catch up

It has been waaaaaay busy the past few weeks.  So I apologize to all my 10 readers that I have not had the chance to update the blog for awhile.  SO, without further ado, here is my attempt to catch up for the last couple weeks.

It's been a few weeks ago now, but I went over to Audrey's school for Field Day.  She was thrilled that we showed up, and I was thrilled that she was thrilled that we showed up.  (Now, give it a few years and the story will probably change....)  I was also thrilled that I could go to a school event WITH the other 2 kids.  One of my frustrations as a mom this year has been that it is just very hard for me to help with Audrey's class and school activities - the issue is always what to do with the other 2 kids.  Gotta love Mommy Guilt.

  I am so happy with how Audrey's school year ended up.  Early on in the year she had some anxiety here and there and it was a little rough changing teachers midstream, but she ended the year on such a good note.  She loved her teacher (once she finally came back from maternity leave in February...), she did really well academically, and she made some really good friends.  She even went on her first sleepover with 3 of her best school girlfriends right after school ended.
 Last day of school at the bus stop with Daddy.  (Thank you Kelly for snapping this picture and sending it to me!)
On Audrey's last day of school, everyone wore red in honor of our neighbor Gabby who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  The school also collected donations to help the family and over $4000 was raised!  Here is Audrey with the bus stop crew.  Gabby's sisters are in the front row (2nd and 4th from the left). 
See that flash of red on the far left?   I think she was excited to start the summer!
In other news, this past week Carter finished up his t-ball season!
  He LOOOOOVED T-ball.  When we signed Carter up for t-ball, we were a little worried - what if he didn't really like it?  What if we had to drag him to practice? etc.  But he jumped right in and enjoyed it from the get-go.  

 In t-ball, there are no outs, everyone gets to bat, and no one keeps score.  But guess what?  You still get a trophy when the season is over.  I'm not anti-trophies ... but a trophy for what exactly?  Showing up?  :)

There was a little pizza party after their game .... so I made these little baseball cupcakes for an after pizza treat. :)

Chloe really liked the cupcakes.  (Sorry, had to throw in a photo of her too!)

Okay, two pictures. :)

we are now onto summer break.

We have already visited the Y pool once and Audrey got her orange wristband.
This morning Audrey & Carter started summer swim lessons, which will keep them (and the rest of us) busy during the morning for the next couple weeks.  They both had a great time at lessons today and are making great progress!

Other than that ...
 Carter & Chloe are practicing for our trip to the beach in a few weeks ....

 Carter is practicing his reading with his sis

 And Audrey & Carter are making bridges on the couch.  The only reason I took a picture of this is that I remember doing this with my brother when I was a kid!!

Oh, and now that it's summer it seems like the kids don't go to bed until shortly before I'm ready to drop over from exhaustion every night!!   Makes it hard to blog....

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