Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's agenda

Today's vacation agenda:
*Get up and have a light breakfast
*Rent a surrey and pedal down the boardwalk
* Eat THE BEST DONUTS I have ever tasted.  Cinnamon sugar dusted, hot out of the oven.
* Go to the arcade and take silly pictures in the photo booth, play skee ball, and try to keep Chloe from hurling the skee balls all over the place.
* Come back and eat lunch.
* Naps .... for me, out on the deck while reading. AAAHH!!
* Play a game of Sorry with the kids.  (Again, keep Chloe from throwing game pieces all over creation.)
* Go out to dinner with the kids.
* Walk down to Gillian's Wonderland Pier and ride all the rides.  Can I just say that my older children are pretty much done with the kiddie rides??  The older 2 love roller coasters and log flumes and things that go fast.  Then there's Chloe - we went on one kiddie ride ... it was a little too fast for her taste so she was DONE with rides.
* Come back and relax in front of the TV with my computer.
* Take a nice hot shower and go to bed!

A pretty good day, I would say.  Much better than this one!


Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

That sounds wonderful! XO

nateandkatesmom said...

No beach time in there?? What's up with that? Hope you are having a great time! Diesel, fishy and crabby are fine!